Ketamine in Psychiatry – online seminar

Ketamine in Psychiatry – online seminar
20.1.2021 17:00 (Helsinki time, UTC+2)

Please note: Tickets may be bought until 15:00 (UTC+2), two hours before the event. If you have purchased a ticket, you should have received a participation link by email already. If you have any problems, send an e-mail to


Classic psychedelics may be making their way into psychiatric treatment in the next few years. But the psychedelic-like dissociative ketamine is already there. Join us on January 20, 2021 for a series of talks about the current and possible future roles of ketamine treatment in psychiatry.

Leading clinical and scientific experts on ketamine will address the following questions: Why is ketamine able to reduce depressive symptoms so rapidly? How is ketamine currently being used for treating depression and suicidality? And what do we know about the transdiagnostic potential of ketamine-assisted treatments beyond depression? A panel discussion and Q&A sessions will be included.


Confirmed speakers:

Samuel Kohtala, PhD (University of Helsinki; Weill Cornell Medicine, NY)
From receptors to networks: neurobiological mechanisms underlying ketamine’s antidepressant effects

Lowan Stewart, MD (Sante Fe Ketamine Clinic, NM; Axon Klinikken, Oslo)
Ketamine for depression and suicidality: Clinical experience from 3000 treatments

Elias Dakwar, MD (Columbia University, NY)
Clarifying the transdiagnostic efficacy of ketamine-assisted treatment: What do data from addiction treatment tell us?


The event is organized by the Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research, Psykedeelitutkimusyhdistys ry. The event is in English, and will be held remotely through Zoom. The event is aimed at clinicians, researchers, and students of relevant fields, but is open to anyone interested.

Entry fees are 20 € for professionals and 10 € for students and low-income participants. A 5 € discount applies for members of Psyty and Nätverket för psykedelisk vetenskap. Get your tickets at our online shop and you will receive a link to participate in the event the day before the event.

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