Webinar March 10th 2022. Ido Hartogsohn: The set and setting complex: Understanding the role of context in psychedelic research, therapy, and beyond

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The set and setting principle, which states that context shapes experiences with psychotropics, is the most central, recurring concept in psychedelic science and therapy. It is considered crucial to interpreting the results of psychedelic science, and to optimizing the outcomes of psychedelic therapy.

How does set and setting relate to psychedelic phenomenology? Why did it emerge specifically in the context of psychedelic science? And how is set and setting related to other fields of extra-pharmacological investigation like placebo science?

On Thursday, March 10th at 6PM UTC+2 / 6PM CET, scholar of psychedelic history and sociology, dr. Ido Hartogsohn will present a Zoom webinar on the evolution, evidence and implications of set and setting for research, therapy and beyond. The event is organized by the Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research. Tickets are available in two categories: 10 € (full price) and 5 € (students / low income participants). You can buy the ticket in our web store.

For members of the association who’ve paid their membership fee for 2022, the event is free of charge. If you want to pay your membership fee for this year or become a member, you’ll find our membership products on the main page of our web store. An email with a link for free registration to the event has been sent to members of the association. If you’re not sure if you’ve paid for your membership this year, feel free to ask us.

Ido Hartogson is an assistant professor at the Graduate Program for Science, Technology and Society, at Bar Ilan University. Hartogsohn’s work explores the subject of set and setting in psychedelic research and culture. His book American Trip: Set, Setting and the Psychedelic Experience in the Twentieth Century appeared with MIT Press (2020).

The Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research is a non-profit association promoting scientific research related to psychedelics and the availability of accessible information based on such research.

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