The Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research (Psykedeelitutkimusyhdistys ry, Psyty) is a multidisciplinary association founded in December 2016 with the goals of promoting scientific research related to psychedelics and the availability of accessible information based on such research.

Research carried out over the last years suggests psychedelics might have remarkable potential, e.g., as part of the treatment of refractory psychiatric disorders. Research into different uses of psychedelics as well as the mechanisms of action of these compounds is experiencing rapid growth globally.

Psyty aims to promote research related to psychedelics in Finland, bring together professionals interested in this topic, and advance cooperation with the international research community. As a major part of its activities, Psyty organizes symposia, lectures and networking events with the goal of improving scientific and professional expertise relating to psychedelics.

The executive committee and active membership of the association include professionals and students from the fields of, e.g., medicine, psychology and sociology. Psyty welcomes new members from diverse academic fields interested in the promotion of psychedelic research. All activities of the association are based on volunteer effort, with its funding derived from membership fees and possible profits of events organized.

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