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Webinar July 4th. Simon Ruffell – Ayahuasca: from the jungle to the lab - -> Buy ticket from our web store! <- Ayahuasca is a psychoactive plant concoction that’s traditionally been used in Amazonian tribal rituals. Recently, research on its possible positive impacts on mental health has been gaining increasing attention. Use of the brew has been studied in both laboratory and traditional settings. Psychiatrist Simon Ruffell is one of the… Read more
Webinar March 10th 2022. Ido Hartogsohn: The set and setting complex: Understanding the role of context in psychedelic research, therapy, and beyond - -> Buy ticket from our web shop! <- The set and setting principle, which states that context shapes experiences with psychotropics, is the most central, recurring concept in psychedelic science and therapy. It is considered crucial to interpreting the results of psychedelic science, and to optimizing the outcomes of psychedelic therapy. How does set and setting… Read more
Webinar Nov 11th 2021. Peter Gasser: Lessons learned from doing therapy with LSD and MDMA - Legal psychedelic therapy is mostly available in research contexts. Switzerland is an exception to this rule: In addition to research projects, the country grants individual treatment permissions for psychedelic therapy. Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Peter Gasser has extensive experience with these forms of therapy: At the turn of the 90s, he had special permission from the… Read more
Zoom webinar Sept 25th 2021. David E. Nichols: Overview of Medicinal Chemistry Research on Psychedelics - When psychedelics were criminalized at the turn of the 1970s, most research on them also came to a halt. Yet, some avenues of study still remained open. Veteran of psychedelic research, pharmacologist and chemist David E. Nichols, PhD, has been researching psychedelics since 1969 – over the course of seven decades. On Saturday, September 25th,… Read more
Zoom webinar Aug 30th 2021. MDMA therapy for the treatment of trauma: A clinical trial therapist’s perspective - MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has received a lot of attention in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but what exactly happens in an MDMA therapy session? Why is working with PTSD challenging, and how might MDMA help? What is the “inner-directed” approach utilized in clinical trials of MDMA-assisted therapy? On Monday, August 30th 6PM UTC+3, the… Read more
Conference: Psykedeelit 2021 - Psykedeelit 2021 November 18–19, 2021 Conference for Psychedelic Research Axelia, Auditorium Salin, Piispankatu 8, Turku Psychedelic research has experienced a renaissance, and studies which have been neglected for years have been revived in universities across the world. Therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances for the treatment of various mental health problems is being investigated widely. Scholarly… Read more
Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies – an overview of current research – Webinar on May 18th (in Finnish) - The therapeutic potential of psychedelics is receiving increased attention. What exactly are psychedelics and psychedelic therapy? What is the state of the current research on them? Our webinar on May 18th offers a general overview of the topic. The event is in Finnish. Read more
Taking a look at the methodological challenges in psychedelic research – Webinar on April 23th (in Finnish) - Research on the therapeutic effects of psychedelics has yielded promising results. Yet, research on psilocybin and other classical psychedelics has been conducted with relatively small patient populations. In addition to larger sample sizes, future studies will also benefit from discussions regarding the methodological problems, challenges and limitations of research conducted so far. Our webinar on… Read more
Ketamine in Psychiatry – online seminar - Classic psychedelics may be making their way into psychiatric treatment in the next few years. But the psychedelic-like dissociative ketamine is already there. Join us on January 20, 2021 for a series of talks about the current and possible future roles of ketamine treatment in psychiatry. Read more
Psykedeelinäkymiä 2019: MDMA-assisted psychotherapy – why? - On Saturday, October 5th, 2019, the Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research will organize a full-day seminar titled “MDMA-assisted psychotherapy – why?” in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. The event is aimed at professionals and students of medicine, psychology, psychotherapy and other relevant fields, but is open to anyone interested in the topic. Read more