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Lifetime experience with (classic) psychedelics predicts pro-environmental behavior through an increase in nature relatedness. (Forstmann M & Sagioglou C, 2017)
Julkaisu:Journal of Psychopharmacology
Tiivistelmä: In a large-scale (N = 1487) general population online study, we investigated the relationship between past experience with classic psychedelic substances (e.g. LSD, psilocybin, mescaline), nature relatedness, and ecological behavior (e.g. saving water, recycling).

Using structural equation modeling we found that experience with classic psychedelics uniquely predicted self-reported engagement in pro-environmental behaviors, and that this relationship was statistically explained by people's degree of self-identification with nature. Our model controlled for experiences with other classes of psychoactive substances (cannabis, dissociatives, empathogens, popular legal drugs) as well as common personality traits that usually predict drug consumption and/or nature relatedness (openness to experience, conscientiousness, conservatism).

Although correlational in nature, results suggest that lifetime experience with psychedelics in particular may indeed contribute to people's pro-environmental behavior by changing their self-construal in terms of an incorporation of the natural world, regardless of core personality traits or general propensity to consume mind-altering substances. Thereby, the present research adds to the contemporary literature on the beneficial effects of psychedelic substance use on mental wellbeing, hinting at a novel area for future research investigating their potentially positive effects on a societal level. Limitations of the present research and future directions are discussed.
Yhdiste:psykedeelit yleisesti
Tagit: ekologia, luonto, luontoarvot, luontoyhteys, ympäristöystävällisyys
URL: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0269881117714049

Psychedelics, Personality and Political Perspectives. (Nour MM, Evans L, Carhart-Harris RL, 2017)
Julkaisu:Journal of Psychoactive Drugs
Tiivistelmä: The psychedelic experience (including psychedelic-induced ego dissolution) can effect lasting change in a person's attitudes and beliefs. Here, we aimed to investigate the association between naturalistic psychedelic use and personality, political perspectives, and nature relatedness using an anonymous internet survey.

Participants (N = 893) provided information about their naturalistic psychedelic, cocaine, and alcohol use, and answered questions relating to personality traits of openness and conscientiousness (Ten-Item Personality Inventory), nature relatedness (Nature-Relatedness Scale), and political attitudes (one-item liberalism-conservatism measure and five-item libertarian-authoritarian measure). Participants also rated the degree of ego dissolution experienced during their "most intense" recalled psychedelic experience (Ego-Dissolution Inventory).

Multivariate linear regression analysis indicated that lifetime psychedelic use (but not lifetime cocaine use or weekly alcohol consumption) positively predicted liberal political views, openness and nature relatedness, and negatively predicted authoritarian political views, after accounting for potential confounding variables. Ego dissolution experienced during a participant's "most intense" psychedelic experience positively predicted liberal political views, openness and nature relatedness, and negatively predicted authoritarian political views.

Further work is needed to investigate the nature of the relationship between the peak psychedelic experience and openness to new experiences, egalitarian political views, and concern for the environment.
Yhdiste:psykedeelit yleisesti
Tagit: avoimuus, ego, liberalismi, luontoyhteys, tunnollisuus
URL: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28443703

Psychedelic drug use in healthy individuals: A review of benefits, costs, and implications for drug policy (Elsey JWB, 2017)
Julkaisu:Drug Science, Policy and Law
Tiivistelmä: The potential of psychedelic drugs in the treatment of mental health problems is increasingly being recognized. However, relatively little thrust has been given to the suggestion that individuals without any mental health problems may benefit from using psychedelic drugs, and that they may have a right to do so.

This review considers contemporary research into the use of psychedelic drugs in healthy individuals, including neurobiological and subjective effects.

In line with findings suggesting positive effects in the treatment of mental health problems, such research highlights the potential of psychedelic drugs for the enhancement of wellbeing even in healthy individuals. The relatively low risk associated with usage does not appear to align with stringent drug laws that impose heavy penalties for their use. Some policy implications, and suggestions for future research, are considered.
Yhdiste:psykedeelit yleisesti
Tagit: haitallisuusarvio, hyödyllisyysarvio, itselääkintä, päihdepolitiikka
URL: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2050324517723232

The Challenging Experience Questionnaire: Characterization of challenging experiences with psilocybin mushrooms. (Barrett FS, Bradstreet MP, Leoutsakos JS, Johnson MW, Griffi.., 2016)
Julkaisu:Journal of Psychopharmacology
Tiivistelmä: Acute adverse psychological reactions to classic hallucinogens ("bad trips" or "challenging experiences"), while usually benign with proper screening, preparation, and support in controlled settings, remain a safety concern in uncontrolled settings (such as illicit use contexts). Anecdotal and case reports suggest potential adverse acute symptoms including affective (panic, depressed mood), cognitive (confusion, feelings of losing sanity), and somatic (nausea, heart palpitation) symptoms.

Responses to items from several hallucinogen-sensitive questionnaires (Hallucinogen Rating Scale, the States of Consciousness Questionnaire, and the Five-Dimensional Altered States of Consciousness questionnaire) in an Internet survey of challenging experiences with the classic hallucinogen psilocybin were used to construct and validate a Challenging Experience Questionnaire.

The stand-alone Challenging Experience Questionnaire was then validated in a separate sample. Seven Challenging Experience Questionnaire factors (grief, fear, death, insanity, isolation, physical distress, and paranoia) provide a phenomenological profile of challenging aspects of experiences with psilocybin. Factor scores were associated with difficulty, meaningfulness, spiritual significance, and change in well-being attributed to the challenging experiences. The factor structure did not differ based on gender or prior struggle with anxiety or depression.

The Challenging Experience Questionnaire provides a basis for future investigation of predictors and outcomes of challenging experiences with classic hallucinogens.
Yhdiste:Psykedeelit yleisesti
Aihe:Yleiset vaikutukset
Menetelmät:Kyselytutkimus, kirjallisuuskatsaus
URL: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0269881116678781

Decoding the signaling of a GPCR heteromeric complex reveals a unifying mechanism of action of antipsychotic drugs. (Fribourg M, Moreno JL, Holloway T, Provasi D, Baki L, Mahaja.., 2011)
Tiivistelmä: Klassiset serotonergiset psykedeelit aktivoivat 5-HT2A serotoniinireseptorin tavalla, joka heteromerisöi sen metabotrooppisen glutamaattisereptorin (mGluR2) kanssa, salvaten sen toiminnan. Reseptorikompleksin muodostuminen on olennainen psykedeelisille vaikutuksille, koska 5-HT2A agonistit, jotka eivät samalla salpaa mGlu-reseptoreita eivät myöskään tuota psykedeeleille tyypillisiä vaikutuksia.
Yhdiste:psykedeelit yleisesti
Menetelmät:In vitro
Tagit: 5-HT2A, psykedeelit, toimintamekanismi
URL: https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(11)01272-4